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Casablanca Inn Photo files

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  • Low Resolution: saved as a JPEG at 72 dpi, ready for web site use.

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High Resolution
300 dpi
Low Resolution
72 dpi
Casablanca Logo b/w logoHi.jpg 272k logoLo.jpg 48k
Casablanca Logo blue logoblueHi.jpg 452k logoblueLo.jpg 68k
Tini Martini Bar Logo tmlogoHi.jpg 516k tmlogoLo.jpg 72k
Main House mainhseHi.jpg 1.4 MB mainhseLo.jpg 124k
Main House Exterior Night extnightHi.jpg 1.8 MB extnightLo.jpg 152k
Tini Martini Bar Outside martinioutHi.jpg 1.3 MB martinioutLo.jpg 100k
Coach House Exterior coachhseHi.jpg 916k coachhseLo.jpg 96k
Woman in Guest Bed womanHi.jpg 1.6 MB womanLo.jpg 136k
Couple at Jacuzzi coupletubHi.jpg 1.0 MB coupletubLo.jpg 88k
Two-Course Breakfast breakfastHi.jpg 1.4 MB breakfastLo.jpg 136k
Guest Room guestrmHi.jpg 1.6 MB guestrmLo.jpg 140k
Suite Sitting Room sittingrmHi.jpg 1.3 MB sittingrmLo.jpg 116k
Outdoor Breakfast Dining diningHi.jpg 1.9 MB diningLo.jpg 160k

Descriptive Text about the Inn

The Descriptrive text file contains descriptions and details about the inn, and room/suite descriptions saved as plain ASCI simple text file (will open in any word processor on any platform).

Casablanca Inn on the Bay Description (Text file) Description.txt

Any text or photos on our website are also available for use in Internet Directories.

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